a little about me

I´m a huge fan of human connection, and there's nothing I love the most than deep talks about life. I´m passionate about art and I think it has a way of expressing our deepest selves in ways that we can't imagine


Not just a photographer,

for loved up souls.

a visual storyteller

Your wedding day is a culmination of your love. Each detail of the wedding is as special and unique as you are, and it would be an injustice to have photographs that do not reflect your authenticity. It's as if I'm capturing souls; I like to capture yours and your partner’s honest and pure loving soul, as well as your story. Depending on your personalities, I will instruct you differently, but It is extremely important for me to create a safe and comfortable environment so that you can feel free to express and show all the love you have for each other. 

My life's work is to document beautiful stories and I’m here to capture yours.


I'm a huge fan of modern art. My favorite plan is to go visit museums with people I love. I always return home full of inspiration. I also enjoy going to concerts and getting lost in music. 

I´ve always been really passionate about things I love. Here are a few of my obsessions: plants, music, architecture, poke bowls, going for a walk in the city, tea, and modern art. 

I love road trips and traveling to random places with amazing views. 

But most of all, I love genuine connections, deep talks with people who make you view life with a different perspective, honest moments, raw moments...No story and no human is the same. This is why I love documenting stories and connecting with people.



One of my biggest lessons in life has been how vulnerability takes us to authenticity. The moment we let ourselves be vulnerable, be real, we have the opportunity to enjoy life at its fullest. Our vulnerability is a sacred thing. It is the place where we have the chance to make true connections and align with what is best for us.

Your story is not a series of posed pictures. It deserves a safe space to be vulnerable, to show up exactly as it is. 

I want to capture it all; the raw, the honest, the real, authentic you. 


 Have you ever tought sbout of what would happen if we saw the world in slow motion? Well, that´s a little how I see it. I see beautiful fragments of moments which create a beautiful story.

If there´s something I am completely grateful for is the sense of sight.

We got married during the pandemic and she was always so helpful and willing to bring new options and ideas to solve issues that happens due to the pandemic. I genuinely wish everyone could have Gaby as their photographer.


“Maybe the amount of extraordinary things in life Depends on what you notice”

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.